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Goto: 12005-07-13 12005-07-15 1USA

Distance today: 29.0 km (Accumulated: 23484.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.07.14. Ave./ Road 120 > - at intersection of Hwy. 10 & Hwy. 61 >.

29km, 3:06:42h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 23443km.

Start: 10:46am.
Finish: 14:53pm.
Time GMT - 7 hours

+27c, clear and medium wind at start.
34c, v. humid and same at finish.

Again a very hot and humid stage where the general fatigue made the heat
quite a struggle.

After the finish point I ran 5km down to Hastings where I am staying, as
there wasn?t any accommodation nearby in the direction I am heading.

Those last 5km proved to be about the closest I have been to the limit.
There were a couple of near-blackouts and a bit of stomach illness in the
hours after the finish. Pushing 30-40km in this heat is obviously more
than I have energy for at this last stretch of the total run!

Fortunately there are appearing people which are ready to help w. crewing,
and even from the next stage I will have a crew, Debbie, who will take
care of the luggage and the health of this tired runner..

It is clear that without that kind of help there would be little chance
that I could get through the last 10% of the run!

After 3 rest days here in Hastings to make sure my crew has a healthy
runner to work with, we will continue the run on Monday :-)



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