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Goto: 12005-04-06 12005-04-08 1USA

Distance today: 40.0 km (Accumulated: 20075.0 km)
Country: USA

2005.04.07. [Green mile-marker on Highway 8: "Mile 6" and "Entering
McClurry"] - [Olympia; cross of Martin Way East and College Street].
onto Old Highway 410 to Mud Road to Olympic Way into Olympia and into
Martin Way to finish>.

(Crew: Karen Hagenborg all stage and runner company by Brian Kessler last

40km, 4:08:55h. . Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops
Total 20.034km

Start: 10:05am.
Finish: 15:04pm.
Time GMT - 8 hours

+15c, rain and light wind at start.
16c, overcast and med. wind at finish.

20t. !

A very rainy and cold stage where I struggled a bit with the injury in the
hamstring in back of the upper right leg; BUT having another day of
support by Karen, Carma and Brian AND rounding the 20 000km mark made up
for all the struggling lately :-))

When I get time for it I will send an overall report to the ultra running
news sites of two of my friends, Lars from Norway (
and Stephan of Germany (; who patiently has covered the
run all the way :-)

It will mainly be the impressions and general observations and thoughts of
these first 20 000km, 1,2 year and 3 continents into the run.

Also big thanks to all those who has helped on the run so far; in various
countries, languages and weather since London. Without your help little of
the 20t. km would have been possible, so they are also a tribute to you !

PS: On one of the pictures attached to this report you can see Carma,
Karen and Brian (setting up the 18mile supply station :-) - Image(071).jpg
- Image(077).jpg - Image(078).jpg - Image(079).jpg

Goto: 12005-04-06 12005-04-08 1USA

Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 20075.0 km)
Country: USA

Special report:

10 minutes ago I passed the
20 000km in total :-)

I first checked the total amount yesterday evening and feared I might have
missed it, but at the finish yesterday I had 19 994km !

It has been some hard weeks lately and I had actually doubts that I would
get to see this side of the 20 thousand! But with good help from
supporters - at the moment Carma, Brian and Karen from Olympia - the body
and motivation kept the run going even when it seemed a hopeless struggle

PS: I will upload the reports from the last 3 days this evening and
probably send the ordinary report for today (start and finish time etc.)
tomorrow. There will be some celebrating to do after the run today.. ! -



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