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Distance today: 0.0 km (Accumulated: 17916.0 km)
Country: Australia

2005.02.16 to Los Angeles, USA >. (Crossing the dateline and getting an "extra" day)

13km, 1:08:24h
(Runner company by Matthias Scmochk).

- One of the typically most dreaded days: when you get used to a run like
this sitting down for the most of the day in an airplane is very far from
what the body is adapted to !

Not that bad though :-) It was quite an interesting experience flying
across the huge parts of Australia that I had run across in the past
months and gave a different relation to the earth that was whirling past

However entering the U.S. proved a bit of a drama: the regulations
require an onward airplane ticket in order to obtain a 90 days visitor
visa. But the running for the guiness record obviously is about running
the distance - not flying, when there is a road connecting.

Still, after an exiting 1 1/2 hours of examining the project (and some
nervous sweating for my part..) I was with friendliness invited to enter
the country to try to add that last continent crossing to the run to the
finish line in London.

And more things would turn out positive!

By chance I had arrived a few hours before a true running guru - Sri
Chinmoy - who has inspired to organise races like the 3100mile (!) run in
New York and other ultra running classics around the world.

He was arriving from China in transit to New York, and I from Perth and
getting ready to run to NYC. A meeting which I definitely wouldn?t like to
However I wondered if he would have time and interest in that. Indeed I
was stunned that not only was he interested, but also had heard about the
run already and had encouragements to give.
The meeting with him and many persons from his running community, who
emphasise the important role of an philosophical/mental approach together
with the physical movement of limits, made an impression of a very
positive and friendly group :-)

Interesting was also that there was no trying to persuade me to take the
same approach (which actually seems to be very close to the values I base
my running on) - Only a happiness of sharing inspirations :-)

It was a meeting that I would consider one of the main events of the run
so far. Another positive surprise was that Carl Lewis who lives in L.A.
also was there (!).

I still consider myself as an fairly average runner, who happens to be on
a very long run that my nature encourages me to do; so meeting such
persons is almost a "dream world" to me ! Not to mention that they show
interest in this project; a good source of inspiration when there are hard
days :-)

Yet the day brought more friendly help: Sara and Matthias, who are both
ultra runners, picked me up from the airport and offer me accommodation in
their home in L.A., until my start in two days. Much appreciated as it
makes a major difference as to getting well started on this part of the
run !!

Further I found out that we shared an interest in astronomy; Matthias &
Sara by education and work (Matthias is currently working with a project
of building a new observatory in Chile), I only by hobby.

Besides a lot of "runners talk" in the evening, we of course also took a
short run where Matthias showed me the hilly terrain and steep streets of
Los Angeles :-)



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