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2004-11-17: Pictures8
Distance today: 41.0 km (Accumulated: 14302.0 km)
Country: Australia

entrance> - .

41km, 3:43:25h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 14.261km.

(Runner company main part of the stage; Crew: M. Gillan first half, Phil
Essam last half).

Start: 8:15am.
Finish: 13:19pm.
Time GMT + 8 hours

+15c, clear sky & light wind at start.
+29c and same at finish.

- A nice relaxing day with a fairly short distance. Good, as I then had a
chance to catch up on the sleep which I have been missing out on through
the last couple of hectic days!

Actually what happens through out a long event like this is that while
running the major part of the distance out in the country & farmlands of
the world, you gradually develop a "peasant"-like mentality where each big
city or metropolis seems more and more a hectic and at times even chaotic
place; even though I used to live in a big city myself!

- Though; I think that you can see from the pictures from today?s run that
Melbourne is a scenic city; and even offers quite nice company too :-)
Three employees from Computershare ran the first part of today?s stage
making sure I didn?t loose my way, besides giving a much welcomed insight
to the daily working life which I at times come to miss on an extremely
interesting but also very changing journey of everyday-running-life:
changing cultures, changing nature and each day a new home :-)



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