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2004-11-15: Pictures14
Distance today: 50.0 km (Accumulated: 14201.0 km)
Country: Australia

- RD.>.

50km, 4:44:56h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
Total 14.160km.

(Crew: Michael Gillan all stage)

Start 8:55am.
Finish 14:49pm.
Time GMT + 8 hours

+14c, overcast and heavy wind at start.
+22c, almost overcast and medium wind at finish.

- Luxury!!

My crew for the current stages, Michael Gillan, has proven to have other
talents than the quite taxing job of taking care of all the requirements
of a really tired ultra runner!
He has since years back been working on a new approach to stretching and
muscle-rebuilding for ultra runners. I have the last two days tried his
careful stretch and massage, and a bit to my surprise the muscles are
beginning to feel like before the start back in Greenwich, London !!

- Usually I doesn?t take massage as the legs of an ultra runner will often
be quite sore during the long time events (and especially in an multi-year
event like this...), and getting a massage can at times cause more injury
and cramping up than good. For example my last massage was some 12 000km
ago when I ran the 12-hour competition in Finland. And so far that has
been the only one.

But Gillan came with best recommendations from my main contact in
Australia, Phil Essam, who besides being vice president in the Australian
Ultra runners Association has heaps of good knowledge to share. And this
new kind of mild massage for ultra runners is definitely one of the good
tips! There should be a fair chance that I actually get fresh enough to do
some decent running at the 6 Day Race that I have coming up in Colac from
the 21.November. I quite look forward to that, even though I can?t expect
to make a top class result :-)

Tomorrow awaits a 60km stage into Melbourne, one of Australia?s main
cities. AND on this stage I will have company of one of the World Run's
main sponsors - Oliver Niedermaier, Coe of Pepper Technologies / Computer
share. He won?t be supporting me from a follow car though; no, he made a
commitment to run this stage together with me many months back while I was
battling the difficult Siberian 'roads'.

- I am very satisfied that he is still standing up to his promise; being a
marathon runner this will be his debut as ultra runner and 60km in the
heat that we expect tomorrow will be a strong first time effort. Stay
tuned to see the pictures and result!! :-)



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