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Goto: 12004-09-08 12004-09-10 1Russia

Distance today: 65.0 km (Accumulated: 11151.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: < road sign 1306 on M58 > - near road sign 1371 on M58 >.

65km, 6:06:57 h (J.). Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stop.
Total 11.110km. (J.).

Start 7:40am (K.), 9:05 (J.).
Finish 16:35pm (J.), 16:53 (K.).
Time GMT + 9 hours.

+2c, clear sky & no wind at start.
21c, med. wind and same at finish.


For several weeks we have had no contact as mobile or even int. phone is
no-no out here among taiga forest and bears.

But now we at least for 1/2 a day have signal. We put up our tents right
next to the tall mast ;-)

...Many weeks? reports to be sent; much eagerness to communicate w. the
families :-)

To Japan the time diff. is now 1h. To Denmark and Europe 8h, so not much
sleep in the tents tonight.

Great to hear news of all kind!!! We haven?t had much other diversion than
the nature and a huge clear night sky w. the Milky Way, galaxies,
satellites and meteors shining bright. But after a while you begin to long
strongly for news!

We more than ever miss friends & family from our road out here where
everything seems (and is) far away.

The only news that reached 'Far East' the last weeks has been that of the
terror-bombing of a school in Russian Ossetia. Very sad and in my (J.)
personal view down on level with war crimes committed by far larger states
through history.

Not much of an incitement to recognize the whish of independence of such a
state, no matter how just the cause may or may not be.

- On our running through the vast Russian territory we have often visited,
stayed at or given our 'world run lecture' at local schools. The day
before the bombing we visited a school being inspected the day prior to
"1.schoolday" where parents will bring their school-starters as well as
younger children to see the school. What a nasty event to choose for a
political bombing!!

On the positive we hear that it is soon time for the World Championships
on 100km held annually by The International Association of Ultra runners;
this time at the traditional course in Winschooten, Netherlands.
Info at: and

We send best wishes of 'great battles' to all runners :-) And also my
hope of further progress for my friends at the national team!!



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