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Distance today: 62.0 km (Accumulated: 9291.0 km)
Country: Russia

Route Report: Ulan Ude -
Zaigraevo .

62km, 6:22:46 h (J.). Excl. food, water, toilet etc. stop.
Total 9250km. (A. and J.).

where as the M55 goes =60km more South. Will re-enter M55 near Chita.>

Start 8:17 (all).
Finish 15:37pm (J.), 17:19 (A. & K.).
Time GMT + 8 hours.

At start +14c, no wind and clear sky.
31c, medium wind and clear sky at finish.

As we run further into the valleys of Byrytia we begin to learn bits of
its culture:

- After 62 hot km we were given a 'quick-course' in Byrytian language !

Our teachers were the local sports committee & 5 children who happened to
bath in the same cool mountain river as us after the finish !

We now master:
"Sam bay 'Ne";
& "Uruk-sja".


- imagine us standing in a cold river stream, bone-tired; but
enthusiastically uttering strange throat sounds ... ;-))

The Byrytian language & writing has had a revival the last decade. In
Soviet times it was in danger of disappearing; but is now being taught in
school and on occasion spoken in everyday situations.

The history of the byrytian people dates several 1000 years back. Main
events have been the invasion by the Huns about 100years before Christ.
Later came the immigration and settlement of Mongolian nomads witch
intensified the cultural ties w. Mongolia so that the byrytian people
joined up with Genghis Khan's haunting & troublemaking.

By the century Russian Cossacks entered the territory and first by
then farming and agriculture succeeded the traditional nomadic lifestyle
w. cattle drift & hunting.

By now the byrats are officially "The Byrytian Republic of Russia".



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