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2004-02-24: Pictures6
Distance today: 46.0 km (Accumulated: 2440.0 km)
Country: Finland

Route Report:  Louviisa - Pyhaa - Karhula (Kotka) . 46km, 5:05h incl.
several lunch stops.
Now on the second day after the 12hour race the legs are back to usual. So
at least the muscles has recovered - quite fast to our surprise. In the
next couple of days we will see if the injuries can keep away from us !
We fast approach the border and now only a few days are left in Finland.
We will miss it and its people MUCH.
Today we had compagny by Aimo Kostiainen - a 60 year old Finnish
ultrarunner - who with much spirit ran with us all 45km's through snow and
windblows from passing traffic :-)
Further we had excellent 'roadservice' by Reino Uusitalo and whife who
proviede food, drinks etc, every 7km's during the day !! If only the whole
World Run could be like that...
We are even his guests tonight in his house, and now it's time for eating
after the traditional hour in Sauna :-)
PS: !!!  What we forgot to tell a couple a days ago was that we after the
Lohja 12hour race
( were guests of
the founder and redacteur of Finlands leading Sports Magazine "Juoksija",
and besides having some real interesting stories (he takes much interest
in ultrarunning & the historial expeditions/explorers) his magazine also
generously sponsored us with a nice amount !!
THANKS - it will help us out there !!!



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