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2004-02-20: Pictures6
Distance today: 40.0 km (Accumulated: 2354.0 km)
Country: Finland

Route Report:  Helsinki - Immersby - Poorvo. 40km, 4:21 all incl.
(probably the distance yesterday was 35 and not 30km).
Quite a change in weather: from -19/-17c to 0c !  It was nice weather, but
actually it's better for us in the very cold conditions. Much easier to
put on a couple of more layers, than to cope with wet shoes while still a
bit cold. A far as we can see the weather can go eighter way during the
next weeks !
We arrived in the afternoon at our present accomodation at Marko - himself
an ultrarunner and on occation official of the Finland ultrarunning team
(I met him one year ago at the world championships on 24hour - where I by
the way performed quite badly !!!).
Myselves having begun the development of the Danish national team on
ultrarunning, we had several things to speak about and especially we had a
good exchange of ideas of how to make this sport more wellknown and
supportet by sponsors. There are many strategies and much to consider...
But ultrarunning could be a strong 'brand' if it is possible to make it
more wellknown.
Marko will also participate in the 12hour race tomorrow. We were eager to
hear news about the race, and learned that a strong Japanese runner as
well as a good Estonian runner are participating. We must watch out not to
become last and it will probably take a hard effort !! After 1½ month on
the road, our legs feels like we have allready run 10 of the 12 hours...
About the race:
It startes at 21:00 hours and finishes at 9:00 the next day; sunday.
There is an international invited field of about 20 runners.
The course is about 250m. The place:  a heated & ventilated parking lot
under a big shopping center !
Media and spectators are expected, so there must be something special to
this parking place.... We'll see.
Actually we have learned that Finland by far has the largest shopping
centers compared to the other Scandinavian contries. Even compered with
what we have seen so far in North Europe it's quite something else. We
guess that it's the combination of the pleasure of walking inside the warm
place and the need for big-scale shopping to avoid driving too many times
a week.



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