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2004-01-02: Pictures1
Distance today: 63.0 km (Accumulated: 98.0 km)
Country: England Start

2004-01-02 20:00 GMT:
We arrived in Canterbury after a long but enjoyable day on the roads. Last
night were spent in our two tents, but got up really early in heavy wind
and slight snow. We began running at sunset, 8:00, and reached our
destination, the old town Canterbury, at around 18:06. Effectively we had
9:06 hours of running plus 1 hour's rest while recharging our gps in
Sittingbourne. A kind lady at 'The Tannery' (25a Highstreet in
Sittingbourne) helped us by lending us the electricity. Great.

Unlike yesterday our navigation went fine today, which was a real relief
after yesterdays zig-zagging on small contryroads. We did have a short
meeting with the police when we ran at 'a cycle-path' for a few km towards
Canterbury. It turned out to be a Highway, but the police were quite
understanding of our situation !

The total distance for today (Meopham Station to Canterbury) is about
63kms. Ofcourse 9 hours is a long time for that for that, but checking
with the maps, stopping for supplies, pushing the 40kg loaded babyjogger
and making small corrections of the road choice does really takes it's
time. Still we are not much exhausted today, but probably the next weeks
will be hard due to the adjustment of the body.

Today we sleep at a hotel: Kipps Hostel in Canterbury - which is a real
luxery that we appreciate; especially after a night in a wet tent.

Todays route: Meopham station, Cobham (nature park), Rochester, Chatham,
Sittingbourne, Favorsham, Rough Common, Canterbury. Elapsed time: 10h06m.



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