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World Run Book

In late October 2006 the book of the World Run was published.

The book is published by one of the main Scandinavian publishing houses, Politikens Forlag A/S.

Besides a brief introduction to the world of ultrarunning and its history dating several centuries back the book sets its focus on the stories and adventures during the 26 232 km of running around our mutual planet.

There is recollection of the doubt but also determination when standing at the startline in Greenwich, London, together with the companion for the first 9000km of the journey - the strong but raughter silent russian runner mr. Alexander Korotkov. The tales of the adventures that took place when this small group were added a Siberian supply-driver and a japanese, female, ultrarunner upon reaching Sct. Petersburg and took off running into 7 000km and over half a year within the Siberian wilderness. Its a tale of natural beauty in areas few, russians and foreigners alike, travel even by car. About the friendship and hospitality of the locals that never stopped to amaze me.

But it's also the history of the drama's and conflicts when four different cultures meet the task of surviving together along with the sacrifices it took to make it to Vladivostock on the Pacific coast, alive, running and un-injured. The breakdown of my friend Alexander Korotkov and his 5 month battle to keep running in terrain that brought each member to his or her limits and beyond; both physically and mentally.

At the same time it's the tale of the un-hostile nature of the world when its seen this way, step by step, - much to the astonishment of the political scientist in me !

And with a background in political science and a mastersdegree in international politics, I draw up some of the similarities and differences between the four continents and cultures I ran through: Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

Many of the stereotype views I had from both academics and common media profoundly changed I while the landscapes changed. Therefore the book also carries the stories and anectotes from beeing a house guest at homes and families in wintertime Scandinavia, Europe, Russia, remote Siberian wooden villages, the Australian outback, the hectick West Coast from L.A. to Vancouver, the windblown prairie towns in Canada from Calgary to Winnipeg and the hospitality in the small Mid. USA towns from Minnesota and out to Pennsylvania running along thousand of miles of seemingly endless cornfields to finally reach New York.

Other highlights are the nine days of 'horror' running across Japan, completely lost in traffic, language and culture while a "Taifun" approached and the streets got empty excempt for worldrunner pushing his stroller while jogging towards the next goal. Meeting face to face with a Siberian bear at midnight. The economical neccesity of winning a 6-day race while running across Australia in the hot summertime - or the surprise experiense of beeing greeted by a chanting and meditating guru in New York and his hundrets of followers..

The book is avaliable in Danish bookstores but can also be ordered through the publisher, Politikens Forlag A/S. The book is 200 pages with rich photo illustrations from all the continents.

We hope that it will be possible later on to translate it into english by contact w. interested english language publishers.



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