News:  *** Next World Run project: The North - South Run, 2008 to 2010 *** Russian celebration of the world run anniversary, "55 555 instants of flight" a 55˝km road race in the Ural Mountains *** World Run lectures avaliable worldwide (link below) *** World Run lectures booked in North America *** World Run Marathon in Stockfors, Finland, August 2006 *** World Run lecture series & events in Pennsylvania, USA. *** World Run lecture in Vancouver, Canada *** Interview in Runners World, March 2006. *** Witness report from the Russian Supply-Driver Rachenka *** Final Documentation hand-in to Guinness World Records *** Witness material & impressions from Russia (link below) *** Website updates & hand-in of evidence during December 2005. *** 2005-10-23: Royal Observatory, Greenwich is reached. World Run is Done!!! *** 2005-10-07: New York, USA reached. North America Done! *** Click on "News" for previous news highlights

World Run is completed. Jesper reached Royal Observatory, Greenwich at 14:21 BST today sunday 23rd October 2005.

Next goal: The North - South Run !

One Earth - 26 232km - 2 years - 1 runner

World Run

The WORLD RUN - 2004 to 2005

Here is a map showing the the route.

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Start in London Part 1 - Europe Part 2 - West Russia Part 3 - East Asia Part 4 - Australia Part 5 - North America

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*** Greenwich Village, UK - France - Belgium - Holland - Germany - Denmark - Sweden - Finland - Russia - Japan - Australia - West U.S.A. - Canada - East U.S.A. - Ireland - England, Greenwich Village ***


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